Terms and Conditions

For information about this Course

Please contact one of the Event Organisers:
Paul Szymkowiak | M: 0406 493 647 | E: [email protected]
Michael Kipper | E: [email protected]

Fees and Charges

Base Fee - Fixed per term

We're operating on a fixed fee per term. Generally speaking, the term will be based on 7 weeks of lessons, but will vary based on the number of school weeks per term, and will be subject to access being provided to the school facilities.

Additional Project Kits and Materials

As participants master basic foundational skills, their learning is enhanced by progressing with project-based learning. To achieve this, we will provide a small number of project kits each term as part of the term fees for students to practice and apply their skills.

Where students wish to take their skills further, a number of additional project kits will optionally be made available. Where a student wishes to keep these kits, the student will need to purchase these separately in addition to their term fees.

Depending on the complexity of the project. these kits will generally range from $5 through to $100, to take home.

Cancellations and Refunds

We don't – as a general rule – give term fee or project kit refunds, but we're happy to discuss special mitigating circumstances and work something out with you.

Where you use Stripe or Paypal to pay your fees, any refunds given would be less:

  • the transaction fees charged to us by try booking for booking fees and credit card processing costs.
  • any fees we have already paid to facilitators and assistants up to that point.
  • any materials already consumed.

Event Dates and Times

Please refer to the specific course for specific, confirmed details.

Session times generally run from 4:45 until 6:15, but you should check the specific details for the term course.

Typically we begin packing up around 6:00 to be ready to close the session at 6:15 sharp.

We're operating on the basis of hosting a minimum of 7 sessions per term: approximately 30 sessions per year.

Because we're operating on school premises, the availability of the rooms we use are dictated by the school and somewhat by forces outside our control. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or relocate sessions to fit with the direction of the school and its staff.

At a general rule, we'll be operating only on school days, but where an event date falls on an end of term day or other significant school event, we reserve the right to cancel a session where this becomes necessary. Official school activities take precedent over the students time and the use of school space. Where this needs to happen, we'll try to let you know as much in advance as possible.


Please refer to the specific course for specific, confirmed details. At this time, we're primarily using the Montessori Melbourne Brighton campus at 739 Hawthorn Road, East Brighton in the "Tree House" block. Sometime we may make use of the Montessori Melbourne Caulfield campus at 6 Roselea Street, Caulfield South, typically based in the Library, upstairs above the main reception.

Occasionally - due to school requirements - the venue may need to be altered to another location, and if at all possibly, we'll try to make that within the Caulfield campus. We'll give you as much advanced notice as we are able to, but please check with Caulfield reception if you are unsure.

Commitments we ask of you


Enroling promptly ensures each participants place. Enrolment is open to any current student of Melbourne Montessori school, both Caulfield and Brighton campuses, however we give preference to current Cycle 4 student's, and allow Cycle 3 and 2 students based on meeting certain criteria (e.g. maturity, sight-reading and numeracy skill level). We're also happy to accommodate former students participating in these activities, where spaces are available.

If you haven't already discussed this with us, please contact us for details prior to booking.

From the point we give you a confirmation of your attendance, please pay your term fees as promptly as you can. We're experiencing more demand for these courses than we'd expected, so prompt payment is the best way to secure your place as we can't hold spots in reserve for very long.

Limited Space & Facilities

Generally, the space we have available is small, so – as in a regular Montessori classroom – we ask that you help us to control the space better by limiting session attendance to your enrolled child(ren), and not attend yourself or bring siblings who aren't enrolled. This helps us to minimize distractions and maximise our ability to facilitate the session.

From time-to-time we'll have a limited number of guest visitors or specialist facilitators in the space and where possibly we will try to book these visitors in advance to help control numbers. If you wish to visit or have someone else visit a session, please arrange that with us in advance so that we can better control the space.

Participant Departure (Pickup)

We ask you to arrange pickup/ transport arrangements for your participants. If that isn't yourself or alternative carer collecting them, please let us know by email.

Please arrive to collect participants by 6:15 sharp when the session officially ends. Alternative carers need to be registered with the school. We won't have anyone in attendance after 6:30pm, so we need you to ensure children are collected promptly. Thanks again for your support.